Aquatic Plants – Floating Plants

Floating plants, as indicated by their name, freely float on the surface of the water with their roots extending below the surface. They are not planted. Just simply put them in the water. As is true with oxygenating pond plants, they can help combat the growth of algae since they naturally absorb nutrients in the water as well as providing a source of shade, thereby leaving less light and nutrients for algae to grow.

Please note that we do not ship plants.  If you are interested in specific varieties of floating plants, please contact us.

Floating Plants, Water Hyacinth

Floating Plants – In-Stock Availability

Aquatic plants are an integral part of your pond’s ecosystem, providing oxygen, filtration and beauty.  At Willow Pond Koi Farm in Canandaigua, New York, we offer floating plants for your Water Garden.

Our floating plants are available from late spring through early autumn.  If you are interested in a specific type or species of floating plants, please contact us to determine current stock and availability. We will do our best to help you.