Aquatic Plants – Marginal Plants

Marginal plants are plants that grow around the edges or margins of a pond in shallow water. The crown and soil of marginal plants are underwater, with even some of the lower foliage being underwater as well. Typically, marginal plants are placed on planting shelves within the pond. Marginal plants are defined as those which continuously tolerate water over its crown and waterlogged soil year round. Plants which tolerate soil which is permanently moist but won’t tolerate water over the plant’s crown are considered to be marsh plants.

We offer a wide variety of marginal plants with a constantly changing inventory throughout the growing season at our facility just outside Canandiagua, New York for your selection and purchase. We do not ship plants.  If you are interested in a particular marginal plant which you see on these pages, please contact us to ensure availability.

Pickerel Rush

Cardinal Flower

Marsh Marigold

Arrow Arum

Horsetail Rush

Iris Blue Flag

Marsh Hibiscus

Palm Sedge

Marginal Aquatic Plants – In-Stock Availability

At Willow Pond Koi Farm in Canandaigua, New York, we offer an ever-changing selection of marginal plants for your pond or Water Garden.

Our marginal plants include Pickerel Rush, Marsh Marigold, Palm Sedge, Tussock Sedge, Fox Sedge, Horsetail Rush, Marsh Hibiscus, Iris Blue Flag, Cardinal and Monkey Flowers, Arrow Arum, Dock Potato, Lizard Tail, and more. 

Not all varieties are available throughout the season.  If you are interested in a particular marginal plant, please contact us to determine current stock and availability.