Choosing High Quality Kohaku

Kohakus Koi for SaleWhat are the best things to know about the Kohaku? To start, they originated in Japan in the early 1800’s. They were owned by farmers and were used for food. If it weren’t for the curiosity of the local farmers, the Kohaku may have never been bred.

Two popular breeders are Tomoin and Yagozen which have been around for the start and still remain a major part of kohaku bloodlines today. The Kohaku belongs to the go-sanke group, which also includes the Showa and Sanke. Kohakus can best be described for having white bodies with red markings or patterns, or also known as hi.

The key to having a high quality kohaku is to make sure the patterns are balanced throughout the body and having deep coloration present. The Kohaku is one of the oldest breeds and still used today to create new bloodlines. If you are looking for a more specialized Kohaku then check out a Tancho Kohaku (all white koi with red patch on the head).

In our opinion, any Tancho koi is great because it represents the Japanese flag which is highly desirable to collectors. Kohakus with gin rin (silver reflective scales) almost have a diamond effect, who doesn’t love diamonds! Kohakus are still one of the most popular breeds for collectors today!